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Lloydspharmacy launches £25 health check service

The service, which launched earlier this month and is priced at £25, also comprises a lifestyle consultation
The service is priced at £25 and also comprises a lifestyle consultation

Lloydspharmacy has introduced a new screening service designed to help patients “take more control of their health”, the multiple has announced.

The Total Health Check service, currently available in 500 Lloyds' pharmacies, includes blood pressure and body mass index checks, a cholesterol test and type 2 diabetes screening.

The service, which launched earlier this month and is priced at £25, also comprises a lifestyle consultation to establish the patient's diet, assess their relationship with alcohol and find out if they smoke.

Lloydspharmacy said the service has been developed to reduce patients’ “risk of developing certain conditions”.

The aim, the multiple added, is to catch potential health problems at an early stage, preventing “the need for costly future treatments by offering [patients] advice on how they can better manage their health”.

Available to book in-store and online, the service sees a pharmacist discus the patient’s family history with them and carry out a cardiac risk assessment to estimate the likelihood that they will develop heart disease.

Based on this information, the pharmacist then makes any healthier living suggestions considered suitable or, if necessary, suggests a follow-up appointment.

If a patient is deemed to have a higher risk of developing certain conditions, the pharmacist may also refer them to a GP or “another healthcare service”.

Anna Ruthven, head of services at Lloydspharmacy’s parent company McKesson UK, said: “Our pharmacy teams have…already recognised 18 occasions where patients should follow up with their GP.

“Stopping conditions before they have a chance to appear is much less costly for our health service and most importantly, is far more preferential for patients.

“We want the general public to be more health conscious and take control of their wellbeing. For them to be able to do that we need to make access to healthcare as convenient as possible."

Lloydspharmacy said the service, aimed at patients over the age of 18, is “particularly beneficial to anyone needing support on how to quit smoking, maintain their blood sugar levels or eat more healthily”.

Mental health pilot

Lloyds is currently also piloting a service in the Greater Manchester area, which sees pharmacists offer support to patients who have recently started taking medication for anxiety or depression.

Under the new service, Advancing mental health provision in pharmacy, pharmacists discuss the patient’s medication and life goals with them and assess their progress.

The service includes an initial consultation, during which the pharmacist talks to the patient about how to take their medication and outlines any side effects to look out for.

This is followed by another consultation one or two weeks later and further conversations every time the patient collects a prescription for the first three months.

The scheme is currently being piloted in 10 Lloydspharmacy branches across Greater Manchester.

What do you make of Lloydspharmacy's new service?

R A, Community pharmacist

I love the business brains of Lloyds Pharmacy! You could buy a BP monitor from Amazon for £9. Followed by BMI which you can really calculate yourself by using a ordinary scale and rough height. Obviously if your BP is high consistently and you have a unhealthy BMI then the next step is to get an appointment with your GP to have your cholesterol checked and blood sugar levels. Why? Because the GP is not going to just prescribe you statins or treatment for type two diabetes just because the results in the pharmacy indicated.  

This brings me to the point why would any sane person pay £25 for this checkup? I doubt it will have many takers if any.

If you look on any credible healthcare website if you have the risk factors the standard advice is see your doctor. In fact the only thing I would say is that getting an appointment with your GP is a Herculean feat these days. Horsing around and having the Lloyds Pharmacy check up first is just delaying the potential treatment you may need if you fall in the high risk group.

Leon The Apothecary, Student

"Why should I pay money for all of this when I can go to the GP, see a healthcare assistant, and have all these checks done for free?"

Leon The Apothecary, Student

The profit margins on this service are actually ridiculously avaricious, in my opinion. Just looking at the service specification for smoking cessation in one of my areas, it's £25 paid to the Pharmacy just for registering a patient, additional £25 for setting them a quit date, then £50 for CO2 verified successful quit.

Just on this alone they Lloyds would be making a profit margin of at least 300%

Reeyah H, Community pharmacist

Who has smoking cessation services still available to them?! I thought it had stopped everywhere! 

C A, Community pharmacist

That's generous! I think our local scheme is only £25 all in, for registration, quit date and CO verified quit! 

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Yeah, our area was particularly bad with COPD related to smoking, so the push for people to quit was pretty strong.

Robert Mitchell, Community pharmacist

Looking at the "mental heath service" so an initial consultation, a follow up in 1-2 weeks then an intervention 2-3 weeks after that? For a new medicine? Can't imagine how difficult that must have been to come up with



Leon The Apothecary, Student

Basically what any decent Pharmacist/Prescriber should be doing for any new anti-depressant anyway?

Syed Faisal Hussain, Community pharmacist

What next ,£50 for having your weight checked?

Leon The Apothecary, Student

Only if you have to go twice!

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