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What implications will the recent lithium drug safety update have for patients currently prescribed lithium?
01/09/2020 0 CPD
What do pharmacy teams need to know about the appropriate use of stimulant laxatives in light of the recent drug safety update restricting sales of these medicines?
27/08/2020 0 CPD
C+D spoke to allergy expert, Dr Elizabeth Angier, on the importance of improving allergy care in community pharmacy
20/08/2020 0 CPD
Can you differentiate between different gastrointestinal infections presenting in the pharmacy?
13/08/2020 0 CPD
Do you know the effects of long-term benzodiazepine use?
05/08/2020 0 CPD
Can you differentiate between ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease?
30/07/2020 0 CPD
C+D spoke to Mikin Patel, lead gastroenterology pharmacist at Imperial College NHS Trust, to learn more about the diagnosis and management of inflammatory bowel disease.
23/07/2020 0 CPD
What action can you take if a patient presents in the pharmacy with symptoms of a stroke?
23/07/2020 0 CPD
Safety update reminds healthcare professionals to be vigilant for signs of bleeding complication in patients using direct-acting oral anticoagulants
16/07/2020 0 CPD
Managers have a duty of care to protect their staff at work and deal with bullying and conflict in a timely and appropriate way
16/07/2020 0 CPD