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Pharmacy worker wins £15k payout for age discrimination at work

The pharmacy worker was awarded £15,000, of which £13,000 was for “injury to feelings”

A pharmacy worker who was “mocked” by younger members of her team has been awarded £15,000 by an employment tribunal after winning her claim for age and disability discrimination.

Have you suffered age discrimination at work?

Shahid Khan, Pharmacy technician

Audism is too often seen as an acceptable form of prejudice unfortunately.

Freelance Chemist, Pre-reg Pharmacist

Expect a looonggggg queue of people waiting to put the claims in now.

Getting Shorter, Community pharmacist

I'm not sure about that... several specific circumstances here, which will have started and somewhat revolved around the failure to provide a proper contract/particulars of work - employment tribunals don't like this at all and it immediately puts the employer on the back foot as they cannot prove that the employee was made aware of any expections.

This then compounded by what sounds like a failure to follow up on performance concerns - whether that is to ask employee to improve, or to make arrangements to work around problems (eg, hearing aids/loop) - until the rest of the staff are constantly fed up with it.

Poor HR is, as far as I can read into this article, at the root of this, despite the headline... which iks what the company has taken away from it, too.


(Just to add, every time I see comments from actual employment lawyers, they say tribunals are a complete lottery anyway... they all quote cast iron cases on either side that have crashed and burned...)

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